Python – Iterators & For loop !!!

Python is a great language. The flexibility it provides to users is just amazing, that is one of the main reasons why is widely adopted and used by many developers across the globe. But with great power comes great responsibility. Working on python for almost 2 years I stumbled upon some interesting concepts and behaviour … Continue reading Python – Iterators & For loop !!!


Docker – short introduction !

" Containers " are the new buzzword in the software development industry today. And when we talk about containerisation, everyone thinks of Docker. Before we dive into some interesting concepts about Docker and containers, let's first scrap some history. docker logo BEFORE DOCKER Before docker was there, in order to deploy different services into production … Continue reading Docker – short introduction !

De-mystifying Python Dictionaries !!!

In the python world Dictionaries are probably the most used Data-structures. They serves many purposes from storing and accessing configs to storing some kind of structured data. So, understanding and using them well is a great arsenal for a python developer.So, in this short article I will try to explain some cool concepts of python … Continue reading De-mystifying Python Dictionaries !!!

Authentication : Session id VS Auth Token

Authentication is a key component while building any web Application nowadays. In simple terms, it means validating that the user which is trying to access some resources from our app is allowed to do it or not. Login / Logout of user is one such example. Nowadays, there are many ways of Authentication of a … Continue reading Authentication : Session id VS Auth Token