I am going to Akademy’17 !!

Very happy to share, while writing this blog is that next month I will be attending Akademy 2017, the yearly KDE Community summit that is held since 2003 and which this year will take place in Almería, Spain from July 22th until July 27th 2017.

I am very grateful to KDE for providing me this wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with awesome people from the KDE community.Moreover, KDE has also provide me financial help by accepting my travel request so that I can travel to spain without any financial problem.

I am planning to schedule my travel from 21 july 2017 to 27 july 2017.Another good part of this event is that KDE has also provided me the opportunity to give a short talk(10 min) about my experience with open source world and how I am contributing to the community. So, I will give a short talk titled “Getting started with GCompris” which will highlight, how and when I started contributing to “GCompris” a awesome FOSS project under KDE.

So, at last I am once again very grateful to the KDE community for providing me this wonderful opportunity.
See you in Almeria !!


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