SOK 2017 wrap-up !!

So, this month sok 2017 came to an end, with a hell lot of learning & community bonding.
I must say that the four months during the season were awesome & i gained a lot from it.
Thanks to KDE for giving me the wonderful opportunity of working on an awesome open source project named GCompris.
GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10.

My mentors were :- Johnny Jazeix,Emmanuel Charruau & sagar aggarwal.
They were very helpful & cooperative always helped me during time of trouble.

My goals for the season were as follows:-
1.) The main aim of this activity is to assist & help children to memorize multiplication tables, addition & subtraction in a fun & competitive way.
2.) The children, basically will be asked different set of questions which they have to answer in the space provided.
3.) There will be a single base activity called Question & answer activity & three sub-activities. The focus of the sok will be to have the generic activity and the 3 mathematical activities told above.

Goals achieved :-
1.) Normal mode of Activity is complete. Questions are displayed to the user as Grid format with some space to write answers.
2.) School mode is also almost complete , the user can go to settings window & can select the questions to be displayed to the students. The selected questions will be displayed as grid format same as in normal mode.
3.) After writing answers for the questions, the user have to click on finish button.
The total score & time taken will be displayed.


1.)  Home screen of Activity



2.) Here the user can write answers in space provided



3.) Total score & time taken displayed for the user



                      4.) The user can select modes in the settings window



  5.) In school mode list will be displayed from where the user can choose questions



Task Pending :-
In school mode (where the user selects the questions), the selected should be displayed in a random order on each day of the weak using JS random function.

So, finally I would to conclude that Season of KDE proved to be a great source of learning for me. I learned & gained a lot from this wonderful opportunity.
I again wants to thanks KDE & the open source community for organizing such awesome events.





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